Travel Hand Sanitiser

Pocket Hand Sanitisers

Borders will open soon and people will once again make holiday plans. To meet safety requirements, our team has developed mini travel hand sanitisers. If you want to carry hand sanitiser on an aircraft, you must know that you are allowed up to 100 ml or 3.3 fl oz. We have mini hand sanitisers in various sizes that will comply with all travel regulations while also satisfying your safety needs. Our hand travel antibacterial sanitizers are licensed with the Bulgarian Ministry of Health License № 2801-1/05.06.2020.

You may also consider buying bulk hand sanitiser and refilling your dispencers and smaller bottles.

Our mini antibacterial hand sanitisers are available both as liquid dispensed using spray tops and as gel in lotion top bottles. We offer these products in the following sizes:

Travel Hand Sanitiser Gel

We offer three travel-sized bottles of gel sanitiser, 40ml, 50ml and 80ml.

40ml hand gel sanitiser MOQ: 1 Epal = 12150 pcs.

50ml hand gel sanitiser MOQ: 1 Epal = 12150 pcs.

80ml hand gel sanitiser MOQ: 1 Epal = 7776 pcs.

The hand gel sanitiser contains 80% denatured ethanol.

Travel Hand Sanitiser Spray

We have three travel-sized bottles of liquid sanitiser spray, 50ml, 50ml and 100ml.

50ml short bottle antibacterial spray MOQ: 1 Epal = 9600 pcs.

50ml long bottle antibacterial spray MOQ: 1 Epal = 10368 pcs.

100ml antibacterial spray MOQ: 1 Epal = 7200 pcs.

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Advantages of using our travel hand sanitiser spray and gel:

  • Alcohol-based formula – 70% denatured ethanol that kills 99.9% of germs and reduces the spread of contagious diseases like cold and flu. Spray until hands are wet and rub thoroughly until dry.
  • Moisturises as it cleans! – Besides acting as an antiseptic, our hand sanitiser spray also works as a moisturiser due to its glycerol content. The sanitiser will leave your hands feeling fresh and naturally moisturised, without sticky residue.
  • Pocket-sized container – Carry conveniently in your car, gym bag, purse, work bag or pocket for sanitising, refreshing or cleaning up on the go.
  • Recyclable packaging – At Origin, we care greatly about the environment and take all efforts to preserve it.

Lead time: 3 working days max (this depends on our manufacturing schedule)

Delivery time: 3‒5 calendar days from loading.

To get an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The mini sanitisers have all the required registrations and can be sold either as cosmetic products registered with the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) or as biocide products registered with the Bulgarian Ministry of Healthcare.