Retailer Business Solutions

Retailer Business Solutions

ORIGIN BG OOD is a solution-orientated company for retailers and traders within the whole European Union. We will provide products with economical prices and fine quality, make on time deliveries, provide flexible payment terms and deliver huge quantities upon demand, and take exceptional care of the final customer. If you are looking for a solution, let us know and we will find the best one for you.

ORIGIN BG OOD was founded in 2017 as a B2B company specialising in Retailer Business Solutions. Our extensive client list includes hypermarket and supermarket chains, international traders, wholesalers, distributors, pharmaceutical companies, and public institutions. Currently, the products of ORIGIN BG OOD can be found in the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Greece, Canada, Hong Kong and Bulgaria.

Due to COVID-19, ORIGIN BG OOD has developed and launched its own brand of hand and surface sanitizer without washing  ETANOL+ denatured ethanol at 70%, glycerine, purified water, and it is available in 10 different compositions of aroma: jasmine, lavender, pine, …and pure. You may find more details about our Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer.

Our team of dedicated product developers can manufacture any product your local market requires. You simply need to list all your specifications and budget, and we will produce it. Although we develop and trade our own brands, we can also develop private and customized labels for your needs. ORIGIN BG OOD products are listed among the top 10 food retailers in the European Union. 


  • Economies of Scale. Due to the scale of operation of ORIGIN BG OOD, we can ensure efficient and affordable cost per unit of production.
  • Tax Regime. The most of our products are manufactured in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian tax system favours entrepreneurs imposing a mere 10% flat corporate tax rate. The social contributions and other product-related costs and taxes are lower compared to that in other EU member states.
  • Labour Force. Our labour force is highly qualified and well-motivated to deliver the highest standards of services.
  • Technology. ORIGIN BG OOD has implemented latest technological equipments and software to reduce waste and increase output delivering the best cost to quality ratio.
  • Transportation. All products can be delivered to any location in the European Union region within a few days only. Taking advantage of our exclusive contracts with transportation firms in Bulgaria, we can ensure best transportation rates.
  • Certification. Our cleaning products comply with the mandatory requirements of the EU Laws & Regulations: MSDS according to the regulation 1907/2006/EA (REACH), Regulation 2015/830/EU.


If your local market needs a product, please contact us and our developers will get back to you shortly.